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Commissioned by the Woodland Trust

Commissioned by the Woodland Trust

We are pleased to announce that following a successful tender the Woodland Trust have commissioned Arkenford to help them develop evidence to support their 10 year strategy to increase the numbers and quality of visitor experience at their most popular woodlands. This work builds on a successful marketing segmentation of UK residents attitudes to the environment and woodlands we created for them in 2015.

The Woodland Trust wishes to build a greater understanding of its visitors and how to encourage more people to enjoy our native woodlands and to appreciate the vital role they play in our environment.

The Woodland Trust care for over 1000 woods, and we will be talking to both existing visitors and to new potential visitors seeking to understand what they enjoy about the outdoors and what would encourage them to take more advantage of the hundreds of publicly accessible woodlands managed by the Woodland Trust.

The Visiting & Visitor Conversion work is just one component of the Woodland Trusts’ 10 year strategy launched in 2015:

Arkenford will conduct; site based qualitative research, case studies, a national use and attitude survey and a visitor segmentation to help the Trust formulate its development and investment plans and to create more effective communications to local residents and day trippers.

"We are delighted to be working with the Woodland Trust again. It is a pleasure to be contributing our support to a client that has well thought out and ambitious plans for the future. We hope that our approach to the study will combine robust national evidence with the creative in-depth insight needed to allow the Trust achieve its objectives." - Crawford Christie, Managing Director of Arkenford