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Stepping beyond GDPR

Stepping beyond GDPR

Our clients have always known that we do clever things with data, but now it's official that while we do the clever stuff, we can provide complete assurance that all data in our care is fully and securely protected.

Following a full evaluation of our systems, the British Assessment Bureau auditor had to consider whether our secure systems merited being awarded ISO27001. This is the international standard which is recognised globally for managing risks to the security of information.

We’re delighted to report that we flew through with flying colours and, as a result, Arkenford can now announce that we join some other companies you might have heard of e.g. Amazon and Deloitte, who have also achieved full certification of BS ISO 27001:2017.

The ISO 27001:2017 award certifies that we:

  • Thoroughly evaluate and identify risks, and have measures in place to manage or reduce them
  • Operate with a comprehensive set of information security controls and other risk management measures to address security risks within our hosted services as well as our corporate environment
  • Implement an overarching programme to ensure that the information security controls meet the information security needs of both stakeholders and customers on an ongoing basis

We are now operating our ISO27001 accreditation in tandem with adhering to the principles of the GDPR that have recently come into force. Together these frameworks ensure that all data handled by our staff is done so in a professional and secure way, and by introducing a programme of regular audits of Arkenford’s security policies and procedures, will we ensure compliance to the ongoing protection of all data for all projects we undertake.

For those of you who know us already this will come as no surprise, but now you can be fully assured that not only do we do things properly, we fully understand and embrace security controls as an integral part of our everyday working practices.

Arkenford will continue to give every client a personal level of service that provides bespoke solutions to solve their marketing issues, but now with full assurance that whatever method we use, the data remains safe.