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Interactive TV audiences - Who are your trend setters?

Interactive TV audiences - Who are your trend setters?

Here at Arkenford we have been privileged to serve as pioneers in providing strategic insight at the forefront of interactive TV entertainment.

Working with Microsoft TV, before being sold as Mediaroom to Ericsson, we carried out primary research with nationally representative samples in the U.K., U.S., France and Germany to produce a detailed and accurate analysis of TV audiences in each country.

We identified an important trendsetting group with behavioural characteristics that marked their IPTV engagement as distinct from the often used early adopter category*. This group were motivated to engage with and own the latest technologies, but were less interested in the technology itself compared with being enabled to share what they did and thought with their friends and family – setting trends both on and offline.

In the UK, the digital switch over is complete and most homes now own at least one Smart TV. The range of digital channels available through satellite and OTT service providers present viewers with a bewildering number of options. Time-shifting, DVR and VOD all provide flexibility and further increase viewer choice. Then, there’s the interactive menu systems and a host of native apps to get through.

Viewer choice has never been so diverse and exciting. Yet, it remains critical to understand what the viewer values most to ensure they have the best navigation, viewing and interactive experiences to maximise their engagement.

Beyond identifying trend setting pioneers, our segmentations can profile your full current and potential audience base. We can identify the distinct needs of each audience group, reveal their viewing preferences and profile their demographic characteristics and behaviours. This enables tailored content development and pricing, targeted program sponsorship planning and can integrate with advertising planning data.

If you would like to know more about your trend-setters, which brands carry the most affinity with your content or the preferences and experiences of your wider audience please get in touch.

* Rogers, E. (2003). Diffusion of Innovations, 5th Edition. Simon and Schuster.