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Food trends to watch in 2016

Food trends to watch in 2016

These trends in food service are all whetting our appetites as we look ahead at how convenience innovation is revolutionising our eating experiences and in-home dining.

Forget the days of wondering where your take away is. UberEats is fast developing in the U.S. and Europe and we hope will soon be coming here. You’ll have access to curated local restaurants that want to serve their fine food to you. It will be collected by a named and verified driver and you can follow its progress from the restaurant to your door. If you’re not worried about tracking your order, check out Deliveroo, already bringing fresh restaurant meals to your door.

Customer demand for convenient access to healthy, fresh and locally sourced produce is high with recent research showing that 4 in 5 think we should support our local food producers. Fresh vegetables (51%) and meat (40%) top the list of products that people say they would buy.*

However, what we say we want to do and what we actually do can be quite different. The likes of HelloFresh, Able and Cole and Gousto are helping to change this, sourcing fresh and local and delivering these mouth-watering ingredients straight to your door.

And many of us are becoming Sugar Smart. Change for Life have launched the Sugar Smart app that tells you how much sugar there is in food products by simply scanning the barcode. As I write, it sits at the number 2 free app download in Apple’s app store.

Put these all together and we are heading towards tastier, healthier and more convenient food options that will increasingly challenge for a share of what we spend eating out. Perhaps we’ll soon see a wider range of curated food boxes being offered by supermarkets for home delivery, or perhaps you’ll be offering your home as a supper-club restaurant to paying guests.

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