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FiMT publishes evaluation report

FiMT publishes evaluation report

In August 2017, FiMT published an update to their 2013 Transition Mapping Study entitled Continue to Work: The Transition Mapping Study 2017. The 3 primary objectives of this study were to provide:

  • an understanding of how the impact of poor transition has changed in terms of cost and social impact.
  • a deeper understanding of issues related to skills transfer and the translation of these into post-transition employment.
  • a series of recommendations for supporting successful transition.

Arkenford were commissioned to provide an independent evaluation of both the 2013 TMS report and the latest 2017 TMS report. The findings of the evaluation of the 2013 TMS have been published by FiMT and are available online here -

We are pleased to announce that FiMT have today published our 2017 Transition Mapping Study Evaluation Report, which can be found here

Both evaluations included a focus on identifying the extent and way the reports have impacted on policy development and service delivery, however our evaluation of the 2017 TMS report placed greater emphasis on initial reactions to its content and its potential to contribute to policy development and service delivery in the longer term, as it was conducted shortly after publication.

This report will assist FiMT in their goal of continuing to improve the whole transition process moving forwards, helping to drive improvements in provisions to all service personnel and their families transitioning into civilian lives.

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