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Helping you at every step

Helping you at every step

Concept Design & Pre-Production

  • Testing key game concepts and prioritisation amongst target audiences
  • Extensive historic marketplace knowledge including trend and market statistics


  • Testing key developmental stages to analyse conceptual features of new games, to identify which elements work well and are most appealing
  • Provide an understanding using the game Mapping tool of the expected profile of a game and its brand positioning in relation to the competition

Alpha/Beta Testing

  • Providing comprehensive early stage feedback on playable demos or early gameplay footage to help guide the development path using qualitative techniques


  • Testing price sensitivity and identifying the correct price for games/content
  • Testing the effectiveness of different types of marketing message and campaign


  • Website scraping and text analysis to summarise commentary from website forums, discussions and social media
  • Short surveys placed in-game or on game website to gather player feedback

Sequel Planning

  • Structured feedback from a sample of game players to provide post launch analysis, engagement and sequel direction

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