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How to protect brand concepts when testing online

How to protect brand concepts when testing online

Watermarking new brand concepts with each respondent’s unique ID was so subtle it didn’t interfere with the visuals of the concept but protected it from being copied during online testing. But we didn’t stop there...

With 13 years of experience conducting market research for various new concepts, Arkenford were asked to test multiple new game concepts for a leading videogames publisher while preventing those concepts from being copied or redistributed online.

The client asked us to test 6 detailed visual concepts for a game, but in order to minimise the respondents' ability to capture and redistribute the concepts, Arkenford devised multiple clever security features which meant that the concepts remained secure.

Some of the other clever features included:

  • Disabling the right mouse click
  • Ending the survey for anyone who pressed the print screen button, followed by a warning message.
  • Watermarking all the concepts with the respondent’s unique ID, the watermarking was so subtle that it didn’t interfere with the visuals of the concept.
  • Limiting their ability to use a snipping tool to copy the screen by requiring them to interact with the page to view the concepts.
  • When displaying the concepts the survey stops the respondent’s browser from caching the images, therefore not allowing the respondent to access the image through the developer tool.
  • Removing all references to the artist/ company/ brand etc. in the concept image file itself so if a respondent were able to obtain one of the concept files they would not be able to identify who produced it.
  • Removing the ability for the images to be dragged off the screen into another document.
  • Plus many more top secret innovations!

In short we were able to use the sensitive concept images in an online survey in a way that allowed the respondents to fully engage with the concepts while also limiting their ability to capture and redistribute them.