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Lord's Cricket ground feedback analysis

Lord's Cricket ground feedback analysis

Lord's Cricket visitor feedback simplified

Making sense of customer feedback can be simple using a forensic analysis of open ended responses. The Arkenford approach has successfully clarified the ‘so what?’, enabling Lords to prioritise any investment based on the aspects that fans are seeking and will have the greatest effect on their overall enjoyment and experience.

The clever systematic analysis process we built covered:

  • Semantics (positives and negatives)
  • Key word/phrase categorisation using Natural Language Processing
  • Cross reference of response by event/demographic/score allocated

This was applied to feedback which Lords had collected from 7777 respondents at various cricket events hosted in 2014. The questionnaire contained 5 open ended questions which historically Lords would have read through to understand what was being said, but by using our forensic analysis method we were able to clarify the reasons for the scores provided giving an actionable insight and real commercial value in a much shorter space of time.

An output of the study is a lexicon related to match day feedback that Lords can use as a basis for analysis moving forwards and build on year on year. This will not only increase the speed of any analysis conducted, but also add accuracy and levels of insight to ensure that any interventions are well targeted.


  • Automates the categorization process to eliminate the time and expense of manual coding.
  • Categorisation of responses is more consistent due to less human involvement, so the subjective nature is removed.
  • The categorisation is saved and can be evolved over time. Subsequent analysis will therefore be more accurate and less time consuming.
  • Uses linguistics - based technologies to reduce the ambiguities of human language, helping to uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs and opinions.