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Supporting Property Development

Supporting Property Development

The role of brands and branding in property marketing has always been an interesting debate. The agents have one opinion, the developer another and often the marketing department yet another. The answer is never clear cut. There is however, one common agreement – if you get it right, a good brand will add value and help make your property stand out.

We have been working with property developers and their appointed branding agencies in ensuring that property brands are developed with the consumer in mind. We have conducted several studies that identify the key purchase drivers and motivations when it comes to buying or renting a property … and our understanding of consumers clearly demonstrates that price and location are by no means the only features and factors that influence consumer choice.

Clients have included Delancey, Lend Lease, Quintain and The Crown Estate for developments and property as diverse as East Village, Elephant & Castle, Wembley Park and Regent Street.

The insights we deliver help clients to gain a far clearer understanding about the audience(s) that each need to target. This can be adjusted according to a specific property or development. The data can support existing or new developments and can be used by teams to support the development of product, sales, marketing and branding.

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