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Tablet innovation enhances customer experience

Tablet innovation enhances customer experience

Is your customer happy? It’s the simplest question, but can you answer it truthfully? Delighting your customers by delivering value, quality and service is the simplest route to generating loyalty and growth. Get it wrong and the hard work and investment is lost and bad news can travel quickly.

At Arkenford, we specialise in delivering innovative brand engagement and research solutions that unpack the customer journey, define the drivers of growth and grow and retain loyalty to your brand, products and services. With your customer as our central focus we have deep expertise in building loyalty and maximising sales for businesses selling to other businesses and for businesses serving the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. Along the way we have learnt some valuable lessons that we would like to share. We hope they stimulate some thought and that by answering them honestly your business can develop and prosper.

Do you regularly ask your customers if they are happy with you?

It sounds simple but do you do it? Using tablet technologies at point of sale and dwell time locations we have helped clients gather real time feedback on what their customers really think about their products and services. This avoids over spending on customised research and quickly answers important questions like these, to help you grow value and reduce churn:

  • Did your customer find the products they were looking for?
  • What else would they like to see you offering?
  • Were your prices competitive?
  • Will your customer come back to you?

Keep your finger on the pulse of what your customer is thinking and you can respond pro-actively if things go wrong, and you can plan to continually meet and surpass your customers’ expectations with new product and service lines and targeted promotional activity.

Do your customers feel valued?

It is essential that your customer feels valued. When they do they are more likely to use your products and services, and tell others about what you do. Often though, the customer is not asked whether they feel valued and opportunities to showcase product ranges and to provide a richer and more immersive brand experience are missed.

Using our tablet based innovations we can present digital content to customers in the transaction setting that enables them to interact with your products, trial different solutions and share their content preferences and reactions across social media platforms. At the same time they can tell you what they think and what else they would like to see you doing. These interactions are stored safely and enable you to develop a deeper relationship with your client and build their trust and value in what you do.

Do you know how to contact your customers?

Can you accurately say who your last 100 customers were, what they bought and whether they would buy from you again? What about your last 1,000? We often see opportunities to gather valuable client contact information missed. Time is a valuable commodity and it is true that in many sales setting increasing footfall, achieving contact levels or limiting customer contact time can take priority. We argue that the opposite is needed and that when possible customer facing staff should be encouraged to engage with customers for a little longer. Taking time to listen and asking how to get back in touch shows your customer that you value them and provides a targeted promotional channel for future sales opportunities.

The Bright Minds at Arkenford build secure, branded and customised tablet based customer experience and feedback platforms. Alongside, we work confidentially with sales and customer interaction data to draw out deeper insight for prioritising customer segments, developing new products and services and retaining and growing sales.

If you would like to know more, we would be delighted to talk with you about developing cost effective customer experience platforms using tablets and other digital technologies.