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What's really behind your customer feedback?

What's really behind your customer feedback?

Understanding customer comments is critical to deriving meaning and establishing strategy.

Some companies provide superficial feedback from social media sites but our Bright Minds go deeper, unlocking the true meaning behind customer comments using our experience of Natural Language Processing on large scale tracking data.

Applied to verbatim customer comments we create a lexicon structure which derives sentiment, meaning and insight. We can examine the links between comments and other customer data and apply it to multiple data sets giving you, quite simply, the answers you need to create a meaningful strategy.

The approach is hugely flexible and we have used it on a variety of tasks including:

  • Analysing 50,000 web enquiries to establish need and context
  • Deriving content and meaning analysis from feedback at sporting venues
  • Clarifying the nature and context of web enquiries in client confidential circumstances
  • Identification of new product development

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